winter 2022/23

2 people 3 people 4 people 5 people
till 17.Dec. 1050,- 1100,- 1150,- 1200,-
17.-24.Dec. 1650,- 1700,- 1750,- 1800,-
Christmas (booked) (booked) (booked) (booked)
New Year's week (booked) (booked) (booked) (booked)
7. - 14.Jan. 1300,- 1350,- 1400,- 1400,-
14.-28.Jan (booked) (booked) (booked) (booked)
28.Jan-4.Feb. (booked) (booked) (booked) (booked)
4.-18.Feb (booked) (booked) (booked) (booked)
18.Feb-4.Mar (booked) (booked) (booked) (booked)
4. - 18.Mar 1650,- 1700,- 1750,- 1800,-
18. - 25.Mar. 1440,- 1490,- 1540,- 1590,-
25.Mar.-10.April 1200,- 1250,- 1300,- 1350,-
from 10 April 1020,- 1070,- 1120,- 1170,-

summer 2022

2 people 3 people 4 people 5 people
till 25 June (booked) (booked) (booked) (booked)
1.-9.July (booked) (booked) (booked) (booked)
9.-16.July (booked) (booked) (booked) (booked)
16 -30.July (booked) (booked) (booked) (booked)
30.July-6.Aug. (booked) (booked) (booked) (booked)
6. - 20.Aug. - - (booked) (booked)
20 -27.Aug. (booked) (booked) (booked) (booked)
27.Aug.-3.Sep. (booked) (booked) (booked) (booked)
3.-10.Sep. (booked) (booked) (booked) (booked)
17.-24.Sep. (booked) (booked) (booked) (booked)
from 24.Sep. 850,- 900,- 950,- 1000,-



Family Special


Val Gardena Active Val Gardena Active


All prices are in euros per week including VAT



Local tax

The local tax of 1.45 € per guest (from 14 years of age) and overnight stay will be collected by the accommodation provider upon arrival

Check-in & Check-out

The holiday apartment is available to you from 3 p.m. on the day of arrival - we ask that you vacate it by around 9 a.m. on the day of departure.


After receipt of your written reservation and a confirmatory deposit, your reservation is considered binding. This gives you the guarantee for the reservation of your holiday home.

There is no right of withdrawal as per consumer protection code - nevertheless we grant you the following cancellation conditions:

When booking through other portals, their cancellation conditions apply


Please pay for your stay in advance or immediately upon arrival (by check or in cash up to 1999 euros), as we do not accept credit or debit cards..

Travel insurance

We recommend negotiating a travel insurance in case something comes up before you start your holiday.